A Flyer Distribution Service That Helped My Bottom Line

Posted on 18 August 2017 under Uncategorized

I was really hoping to do an advertising spot on TV, but once I learned the prices I knew that I was going to have to do something else. The price was probably worth it, but I knew that I simply could not afford it, being a new business without a lot in my marketing budget yet. I went online to do some research on alternative marketing ideas, and that is how I found out about a Singapore flyer distribution company. They print flyers, and then they distribute them to a certain area, whether it be door to door or on cars or handing them out to people in busy areas.

I have a new beauty salon, and I knew that I would be able to get repeat customers easily. I just needed customers to be enticed to come through my front door just to see what I have to offer them. I have six full time stylists and several working part time, and we needed to get the chairs filled. When I saw that I would be able to print a flyer that would include a coupon for a percentage off any service, I knew that was the way to go.

Designing the flyer was easy, and having it distributed to people in the area was just as easy because of the company I used. They gave me several different options, but I liked the one where they go door to door to hand out the flyers rather than putting them on people’s cars. The price was definitely right for this too, and I am just happy that I chose this way because we have almost too much business to handle. I am thinking about giving some of my part time girls a full time schedule because we have that many people wanting to come in.

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