Supplying the Country with Tortillas

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Time is of the essence when it come to food storage. From the moment when food is prepared to the time it is packaged, there are factors working against it that try to reduce the freshness of the food and make it rot faster. That’s why I have an Modified Atmosphere Packaging system set up in my production plant. All of the flour tortillas in my state essentially come from one place, and that’s my plant. Dough is mixed on a daily basis and pressed and cooked into soft tortillas, that are then packed in sets of 10.

The tortillas are a big hit with the locals, and people in bordering states have enjoyed them as well. Read the rest of this entry…

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Drying Clothes on Clotheslines is Making a Comeback

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When I was a kid I remember my mom doing the laundry in a washing machine that had a wringer to squeeze the excess water out of clothes. It was two rollers that pinched the clothes and squeezed them as they were wrung out. If you got too close feeding a towel or other piece of clothing through, your fingers would get wrung! It was dangerous enough that people would probably sue today if they were being sold here. Anyway, what I really liked was line dried clothes. I was wondering if the clotheslines my mom used were still being made, so I looked them up online.

Grandma had the long clothesline in the back yard that was between two upright metal posts in the shape of a “T.” Each side of the “T” had a line run. Mom had two umbrella style clotheslines that looked like an umbrella that got turned upward in the wind and had the fabric torn off. I can still see her using those every Tuesday, which was laundry day at our house. Read the rest of this entry…

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She Hit the Garage Door

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My neighbor should not be driving anymore. In fact, she should have had her license taken away quite a while ago. She is almost 90 years old, and she is starting to show her age in everything she does. She lives on her own, but her daughter comes and sees her every day to make sure she is okay. When she came yesterday, it was because I had called her. I told her she needed to contact GL Garage Door Services again because her mother had hit her garage door when she pulling into the garage bay.

I think she had intended to stop while in the driveway, but she must have hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Read the rest of this entry…

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What Does a Senior Companion Do?

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I was wondering this after I met a girl on the train the other day. I was just making small talk with her, although she was rather attractive and I would have been glad to do more than that if the chance presented itself. At any rate she and I were talking and after the fact I realized that I should have asked her what does a senior companion do? She told me that she had a job working as a senior companion in Long Island. I was not really paying close attention to what she was saying though and when I got to the office I tried to look it up, but there was not much information available on the web. Read the rest of this entry…

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The Worst Part is over

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There was a time when I wanted to be an exterminator in NYC, but I quickly got over that idea after seeing how much they have to deal with each day. Rats are bad enough, but there are bugs, spiders, raccoons, and sometimes even snakes that appear in their line of work. That’s a little too much for me to have to handle. I hate having to deal with the bugs in my home. While I was sleeping one day, a roach crawled onto my face and woke me up. I screamed and ran off into the bathroom to wash my face. That moment was enough for me to call an exterminator as quickly as possible.

The exterminator did a quick pesticide job by spraying around inside and outside the home. I could’t go back into the house for hours because of that roach that crawled on me. Every time I would think about it, shivers would go up and down my spine, and I would get goosebumps. It felt so weird to have the roach crawling on my face. It was as light as a feather, but the legs were just so weird. It was something that I didn’t want feel again.

After the exterminator came, some of the bugs that were hiding in my home came out, but only to die. They turned upside down and had their legs stuck in the air. It was a relaxing sight to see them not moving. I vacuumed them up and flushed them down the toilet. I cleaned up my home to make sure that there weren’t any more bugs left over and I couldn’t find any. After that, I took a nap and had a nice dream about clouds. I wasn’t awakened by any bugs crawling on my face or anywhere else.

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I Should Have Listened to My Neighbor’s Suggestion for Home Security

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My home and my neighbor’s home was broken into a couple of months ago. Before that happened, I always felt incredibly safe. But after the break in, I found myself racing to the windows to look outside every time I heard any little noise. My neighbor, whose home was broken into as well, said that he visited and signed up to get an alarm put into his home. I was not sure that I wanted one, so I put it off.

During this time, I had been dating a guy who I had only known for about 6 months. He was not friends with anyone I knew, and I did not know anything about his past. I learned the hard way that you really should do your homework when it comes to dating someone new. Read the rest of this entry…

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Got a New Place Near Wrigley Field

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There is no view of the ball park from where I live. If I look out my window I can see down to where the kids wait for home runs on Addison. My place is diagonal from that intersection and it is close to perfect for me right now. It has a security system from ADT in Chicago, but I have to figure out what it costs to get the monitoring service. Obviously it is not that useful without it, but the monthly cost of it has to make sense for me. I am really on a budget and unless the price is pretty low I will do without it. I think the system must be pretty old at any rate. It has none of the really fancy features that ADT advertises on their TV commercials. There are no video cameras or anything like that. Read the rest of this entry…

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Finding Frontier Internet Prices in Durham

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I need to get internet in my new apartment which is located in Durham. I thought i would be able to get a better deal on an apartment in Durham, considering the city and such, but I guess that i had to pay more since I decided to rent from close to the campus. I am looking at Frontier internet in durham plans that are available in Durham because I will be living in Durham for the next couple of years, and I need to get a good internet service hooked up at my apartment.

Anyway, I have a pretty nice apartment. Read the rest of this entry…

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Explaining High Speed Internet to My Older Parents

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I got online on my phone to see if there was high speed Internet in my area. Well, not my area now, but the area where I used to live. Mom and dad still live in the same house in the same rural area. I’m in a suburb of a major city about 50 miles away from them. I have not checked on Internet access upgrades to that rural area in years. I figured they now had it, but all I remember is not having it as a teenager not that many years ago.

I checked to see if there was high speed Internet in my area that I moved to. It was a prerequisite of me choosing this place. Read the rest of this entry…

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Just Got Up to Indiana

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I spent the morning up at the campus of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. They were pretty much ready to hire me on the spot and that was a surprise to me. I expected that it was going to be a couple of weeks before I heard back, but apparently this is exigent circumstances and they are moving a lot faster than you would expect from this sort of institution. Usually things move at a glacial pace when you deal with these sorts of things. I had to start looking at the local internet providers and they actually found me a place to stay already. The guy knew that I would have difficulty just picking up and moving up there, so he arranged it for me to move in to this vacant studio apartment that belonged to a friend of his. It is far from ideal in many ways, but the price is superb and the location is almost perfect.

I can roll out of bed here, shower, grab something to eat and walk to my office in less than 15 minutes. This is literally the closest place that there is to the office that there is. At least it is about as close as it can be. The guy who owns it is a computer scientist and sort of a wild guy. He is about ten years older than I am and he has this really long pony tail of jet black hair. It goes half of the way down his back. I would guess that the guy probably does not remember the last time that he went to get his hair cut. He is a nice enough guy and quite easy to get along with. Apparently he does not like a long commute though and likes to be this close to his job.

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Started Working on the Blog

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It is not something that I begged for, but I have sort of become the company blogger. It started out rather innocently, because the boss wanted to know if there was some sort of WordPress support services that he could call to help him out with this. At that point it was not really a blog, just an idea that he was working on. In fact the blog is not really there for it’s own purpose. It is there to help promote the stuff that is on the web page. If you are like me and you do not understand how it works, then stuff is confusing.

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Customers Prefer Video Production to Written Content

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If you really want what you are selling to take off on the Internet, have a video made. No, I am not talking about something you slap together and post on a free video site. I am talking about a professional video. Those types of things used to be unaffordable except by the biggest companies. But now small business owners and entrepreneurs can have access to professional video production company experts and their tools. A pro corporate video can be used in anything from training to advertising. I now use them for both.

My first one was for my first product I offered for sale on the Internet. I borrowed money to have it made. It paid for itself in no time after i put it on the front page of my website. It is the first thing potential customers see.

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Choosing a Web Host for Your Website

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Deciding on one of the top 10 web hosting companies can be an overwhelming task if you’re not familiar with web hosting. I recently started a Blog with a focus on everything ‘Internet pop culture’ in hopes that I could drive some traffic to my site by capitalizing on sites like Reddit and other news aggregate sites. It’s quite easy to drive traffic to your site from these websites but if you plan on seeing a great deal of traffic, you’ll want a web host that is going to be able to handle the traffic load. Reddit is well known for sending so much traffic to a website that it crashes under the load! Thus, it’s always wise to ensure that your site is prepared to handle a heavy load. If you plan on making any sort of profit from your website you could lose out on a fair bit of profit should you website crash under heavy load.

It all depends on what you want out of your website.

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Best Web Designers Located in Mumbai

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I am going to need a new website for my Internet-based company, and it is a pretty dire concern. My current website is really outdated, and it has occurred to me, that it being so outdated might lead to a decrease in sales over time. I do not want that to happen, and I want to get a more modern looking website for the business. I would like to find a company that does web design in mumbai that can build the website that I need.

I have some ideas for what I want in terms of a new website, but at the same time, I am going to need a lot of input. I must admit that I do not know much about websites, and that is definitely a disadvantage for me, since my entire company is based off of the Internet. Indeed, the quality of my website is of vital importance, since it is the only interaction my customers really have with me.

In the past, I did not pay much attention to the need for a top quality website. However, some things have taken place that have made me change my mind, and now I regard it as a vital aspect of my business. I am disappointed that I have not done more to ensure that my website is better in the past. There are reasons why I did not think it was such a big deal, but in the end, it is kind of inexcusable. I am hoping that my business will be a lot better off once it has a new website, and I really believe that will end up being the case. I need to make sure to hire one of the best web designers around, so that I can succeed at getting a great website.

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A Black Hat Method to Marketing

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Quality ControlMarketing on the Internet can be a very subtle method – the ‘value’ of content has different types of oberservational metrics. Consider Instragram. Instragram is an incredibly popular photo based social service that is utilized by both individuals and corporations to push their content out on the web by engaging with the social base. Each photo can be ‘liked’ – the number of likes that a photo has, the more exposure it can gain within a social circle. Many businesses go as far as to buy instagram likes in order to increase the validity of their content. While this is a smart marketing method that can help a company to gain the exposure that they are looking for it can also be a double edged sword.

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