Supplying the Country with Tortillas

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Time is of the essence when it come to food storage. From the moment when food is prepared to the time it is packaged, there are factors working against it that try to reduce the freshness of the food and make it rot faster. That’s why I have an Modified Atmosphere Packaging system set up in my production plant. All of the flour tortillas in my state essentially come from one place, and that’s my plant. Dough is mixed on a daily basis and pressed and cooked into soft tortillas, that are then packed in sets of 10.

The tortillas are a big hit with the locals, and people in bordering states have enjoyed them as well. Read the rest of this entry…

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Drying Clothes on Clotheslines is Making a Comeback

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When I was a kid I remember my mom doing the laundry in a washing machine that had a wringer to squeeze the excess water out of clothes. It was two rollers that pinched the clothes and squeezed them as they were wrung out. If you got too close feeding a towel or other piece of clothing through, your fingers would get wrung! It was dangerous enough that people would probably sue today if they were being sold here. Anyway, what I really liked was line dried clothes. I was wondering if the clotheslines my mom used were still being made, so I looked them up online.

Grandma had the long clothesline in the back yard that was between two upright metal posts in the shape of a “T.” Each side of the “T” had a line run. Mom had two umbrella style clotheslines that looked like an umbrella that got turned upward in the wind and had the fabric torn off. I can still see her using those every Tuesday, which was laundry day at our house. Read the rest of this entry…

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She Hit the Garage Door

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My neighbor should not be driving anymore. In fact, she should have had her license taken away quite a while ago. She is almost 90 years old, and she is starting to show her age in everything she does. She lives on her own, but her daughter comes and sees her every day to make sure she is okay. When she came yesterday, it was because I had called her. I told her she needed to contact GL Garage Door Services again because her mother had hit her garage door when she pulling into the garage bay.

I think she had intended to stop while in the driveway, but she must have hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Read the rest of this entry…

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