I Don’t Mind Being the Third Wheel

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For as long as I can remember I have had a secret fantasy. I have never told anyone in real life because I was afraid they would pass judgement on me for it. My secret is that I would like to participate in a threesome. I am a woman and I have no preference about whether it is two men, two women or a heterosexual couple. I think the thing that I like the most about the idea of a threesome is the possibility that all that attention is focused on me. So this weekend I joined a 3some website.

I joined the website not knowing what to expect. Would there be a lot of shady people looking to pull one over on me? Would there be lots of catfishing going on? Would anyone even be interested in me? Well it turns out I didn’t need to be worried. I spoke to several people. Some were couples, others were just open minded individuals like myself. I didn’t have anyone misrepresent themselves and I got plenty of interested messages. I settled on a heterosexual couple who are in their thirties like me. She worked in a bar and he was in construction. They were both physically fit, attractive outdoorsy types. Read the rest of this entry…

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I Find That It’s Important to Make Sure My Daughter is Safe

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When my daughter first asked for a phone, we were a little hesitant because she was only 5 years old at the time. She is always with us, so we really felt there was no good reason to get her one. But now that she is older, it is important that she can contact us when she needs to. But we also need the ability to watch to see who she calls and who calls her, so I started looking at phone monitoring software reviews to find something that would easily let us monitor that.

While it is possible to monitor things through our mobile phone company’s website, there is a definite lag between when phone calls going in and out of her phone show up on their site. Her father and I need to be able to monitor things in real time. Some people feel that monitoring their children is overkill, but we know three different sets of parents who didn’t do so, and their children ended up in trouble because their parents did not know what was going on.

One of the sets of parents are my own sister and my brother-in-law. They are pretty laid back, and thought it was amusing when I mentioned monitoring what their daughter is doing on her phone. But they were no longer amused, when their 16 year old daughter got in with the wrong crowd and was using her phone to make plans to sneak out at night. They had previously told her to stop hanging around a certain group of her friends, and she promised she would. Had they been watching her phone calls, they would have learned that she didn’t drop them at all. She snuck out late one night, got very drunk and her friends just left her in a park alone, while she was passed out. This would not have happened with phone logging abilities.

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I Learned Something New About a Popular Ingredient

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I love to use natural remedies, but I have only recently started using a variety of things as such. For example, I did not previously know that there are several ginger root uses outside of using it for food. In addition, I only started actually using it myself for things that I cook around 5 years ago. I feel so behind! Of course, I ordered different dishes at restaurants that used it as an ingredient. I had just never had the occasion to do it myself.

In the past, I was not a fan of cooking. I often ate out at restaurants and fast food places instead. But since I now have cable and loved to watch all the cooking shows that are on, I have finally developed an interest. Read the rest of this entry…

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