My Argument in Favor of Tattoo Removal

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Our daughter begged to get a tattoo. She told us how “everyone” was getting them. We relented a bit and permitted her to get a henna tattoo of the design she wanted. At least they wear off over time. As it faded, she wanted it done in permanent ink. We told her no. When she was old enough to make the decision herself, she got the tattoo. Now, a few years later, she was looking for a Singapore aesthetic clinic to get laser tattoo removal. I did not want to say, “I told you so,” but the look on my face kind of gave that away.

She did not like how the tattoo became an object of focus and judgment as she rose up through the corporate ranks. She wore clothing to cover it after her last promotion. It was a rather benign tattoo, but some people interpreted it as an act of wildness or rebellion. A few even interpreted it as sexual promiscuity. She abhorred the misunderstandings the ink on her skin generated that were not actually part of her character. Read the rest of this entry…

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