Explaining High Speed Internet to My Older Parents

Posted on 1 December 2014 under Uncategorized

I got online on my phone to see if there was high speed Internet in my area. Well, not my area now, but the area where I used to live. Mom and dad still live in the same house in the same rural area. I’m in a suburb of a major city about 50 miles away from them. I have not checked on Internet access upgrades to that rural area in years. I figured they now had it, but all I remember is not having it as a teenager not that many years ago.

I checked to see if there was high speed Internet in my area that I moved to. It was a prerequisite of me choosing this place. When I checked online, I saw that mom and dad do now have high speed service for the Internet right where they live. They actually have several options. I was considering telling them only about the DSL service in their rural area. However, the grandchildren visit and they have their electronics. I figured cable Internet would be better.

Mom and dad are unlikely to use all of the liberal bandwidth cable Internet offers, but the kids sure would use it up visiting on the weekends and holidays. My parent’s children, that includes me and four others, would also like the bandwidth cable Internet Wi-Fi offers. Three of us have jobs we work from our laptops and cell phones. It will be nice to not have to drive into town to a coffee shop to get Internet access when we are visiting them.

I told mom and dad about why they should go for a faster Internet option than they really need. I explained the small price difference and the big speed difference using analogies they could understand. They got it and then went for the higher tier cable Internet package that gives a lot of speed and a lot of bandwidth.

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