Got a New Place Near Wrigley Field

Posted on 16 July 2015 under Uncategorized

There is no view of the ball park from where I live. If I look out my window I can see down to where the kids wait for home runs on Addison. My place is diagonal from that intersection and it is close to perfect for me right now. It has a security system from ADT in Chicago, but I have to figure out what it costs to get the monitoring service. Obviously it is not that useful without it, but the monthly cost of it has to make sense for me. I am really on a budget and unless the price is pretty low I will do without it. I think the system must be pretty old at any rate. It has none of the really fancy features that ADT advertises on their TV commercials. There are no video cameras or anything like that. It does work up to a point and I use it because it would probably frighten a thief off. He will probably assume it is connected to someone who will call the police when the alarm goes off.

I like being able to walk to the ball park in a couple of minutes. My family has owned four seats in Wrigley for a couple of decades. So I go to about fifty games a year. Of course I eat before I leave for the ball park and I do not drink beer there. I can not afford to do either on that large of a scale. If I were only going to a few games each year it would be okay to spend a lot of money, but when you are going to two or three games per week it can really add up quickly. I do not love all the traffic that the park creates.

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