I Learned Something New About a Popular Ingredient

Posted on 11 June 2016 under Uncategorized

I love to use natural remedies, but I have only recently started using a variety of things as such. For example, I did not previously know that there are several ginger root uses outside of using it for food. In addition, I only started actually using it myself for things that I cook around 5 years ago. I feel so behind! Of course, I ordered different dishes at restaurants that used it as an ingredient. I had just never had the occasion to do it myself.

In the past, I was not a fan of cooking. I often ate out at restaurants and fast food places instead. But since I now have cable and loved to watch all the cooking shows that are on, I have finally developed an interest. And oddly enough, even though I did not like cooking things, I do like to watch others cook. I enjoy watching the different chefs talk about what they cook as well. I would say that it took me about 2 years of watching before I realized that I am interested in trying my hand at making my own foods. I know it is a little strange to want to watch it and listen to cooking conversations, but not cook. But now that has changed for the better.

Aside from using ginger for cooking, I learned that it is really good for nausea. I have never had it in any food item when I wasn’t feeling well, so I had no idea. But as soon as I learned about it, I decided to keep some on hand. You can freeze it to keep it fresh for use at any time. So, the first time that I was feeling nauseous, I pulled some out of the fridge to try it. It worked! It did not take me long to feel better.

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