I Should Have Listened to My Neighbor’s Suggestion for Home Security

Posted on 21 August 2015 under Uncategorized

My home and my neighbor’s home was broken into a couple of months ago. Before that happened, I always felt incredibly safe. But after the break in, I found myself racing to the windows to look outside every time I heard any little noise. My neighbor, whose home was broken into as well, said that he visited http://home-security.io/adt-security/ and signed up to get an alarm put into his home. I was not sure that I wanted one, so I put it off.

During this time, I had been dating a guy who I had only known for about 6 months. He was not friends with anyone I knew, and I did not know anything about his past. I learned the hard way that you really should do your homework when it comes to dating someone new. When I tried to break off the relationship, he refused to understand that it was really over. He began calling me incessantly. He sent me text messages at all hours of the day at night. He called incessantly, and I eventually had to change my phone number. I did not hear from him for awhile, and I thought that would be the last I would hear from him.

Two weeks ago, I was sound asleep with my two cats at around 2:00am on a Saturday night. I stirred from my sleep when I heard a noise at my bedroom window. But I was so tired that I quickly fell back to sleep. The next thing I knew, the glass in the window was broken out and my ex suddenly jumped through the window. I was very lucky that it was a Saturday night because that meant my neighbors did not have to work the next day, and they were awake and heard the glass breaking. They immediately called the police who arrived and arrested him. The police said he has a criminal record. The moment that police left, I got on the phone with ADT and made an install appointment to get an alarm. Having an alarm will help to keep me safe from here on out.

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