Moving out and Moving on Up

Posted on 4 February 2017 under Uncategorized

I wasn’t able to start looking for 1 bedroom apartments in Forestville MD until I was almost thirty. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I lived in my parents’ basement long past the time I should have been an independent adult. I made some early mistakes such as not starting college until I was 25 and compounded the error by majoring in a social sciences degree that didn’t translate over into a good job. Now that I’ve finally moved up into management, however, I’m finally ready to get out of her and move on with my life. I’m ecstatic about it.

But the most important thing was finding a one bedroom place with rent that was not going to consume my entire paycheck. I needed plenty of money left over for groceries and the other things people living on their own need to survive. Too, I wanted to make sure I could save at least ten percent of my check for unexpected emergencies. I worried I wouldn’t be able to find a place in this town that would allow me to do that. Imagine my surprise when I found a great apartment complex that fulfilled my needs.

This place is really the cat’s meow. It’s in a great location relative to my job, and the residents seem super friendly. I met a few of them while I was viewing an apartment and they all made sure to come over, introduce myself, and encourage me to move in so they could better acquainted with me. The staff is great too and made sure to point out all the amenities their complex offered. I simply can’t wait to move in and get my life started independent of my parents. Who knows? I may even invite them over for dinner a few weeks after I settle in!

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