Supplying the Country with Tortillas

Posted on 16 November 2015 under Uncategorized

Time is of the essence when it come to food storage. From the moment when food is prepared to the time it is packaged, there are factors working against it that try to reduce the freshness of the food and make it rot faster. That’s why I have an Modified Atmosphere Packaging system set up in my production plant. All of the flour tortillas in my state essentially come from one place, and that’s my plant. Dough is mixed on a daily basis and pressed and cooked into soft tortillas, that are then packed in sets of 10.

The tortillas are a big hit with the locals, and people in bordering states have enjoyed them as well. The packaging system really helps to keep the tortillas fresh for a long time before they are opened. Once opened, they can last a couple of weeks more. I eat so many of the tortillas for many of my meals, but I never get tired of them, because they taste so good. Business has been expanding at an alarming rate, and if things continue on the pace that they are, I hope for it to expand to more states. It would be nice to cover the entire country with my tortillas.

I’ve been talking to some of the restaurants that serve Mexican food across the country to try to strike a deal with them. I want to be their supplier for many of the restaurant franchises that they have. It would be great to walk into a taco shop and order a taco with one of my tortillas. Being an exclusive supplier would mean that I would have the market cornered, and the expansion process would speed up more than ever. I could even get the tortillas in overseas restaurants as well as the local ones.

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