The HostGator Coupon Got Me to Switch, and the Service Kept Me As a Customer

Posted on 8 February 2014 under Uncategorized

Hostgator Coupon Codes December 2013 | Best Discount Coupons | Best ...I had been displeased with the shared hosting of our old provider. I have a business website, but there is not enough daily traffic to justify the expense of a dedicated server hosting plan. I do small engine repair, and the website is basically a list of services, some prices, our hours and where we are located along with our phone number. People that are local to us find us by our website information. It works kind of like the old phone book used to. I found a hostgator coupon online, and decided I would give them a try for hosting our website.

The old provider we used had a lot of issues with really long lag times on their shared hosting plans. A shared plan is when a bunch of websites are on one computer.

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